A Different Approach

Gin, like the world, has become overcomplicated in recent years. Ghost Rail is our attempt to slow down, extract some deeper meaning out of life, and make real connections with the people and places around us. A whole lot of heart and soul goes into making this spirit in the simplest of ways, and we’re very pleased for you to try it.

Using just six botanicals, we distill our award-winning gin on a small, open fired, Alembic still. All flavors and aromas in perfect balance, Ghost Rail transports you on a journey all your own.

Pour yourself a glass, and set off for somewhere else.

  • Carefully selected botanicals that impart the best flavor and aroma possible
  • Infused through maceration, which imparts deeper flavors and velvety mouthfeel
  • Distilled on an open-fire Alembic pot still, an ancient process that allows for greater distiller control over the final product
  • Distilled and bottled exclusively in Thompson’s Station, TN
  • Made in Tennessee

Made by Hand

Fine Details

We seriously obsess over the tiniest of details in order to produce a world-class gin. Case in point; we’ve discarded more orange and lemon peels than we’ve used, because if the raw ingredients aren’t up to par, the end product won’t be up to par.

Light My Fire

Our open-fire, Alembic pot still is an ancient system that allows for greater distiller control over the final product. This award-winning recipe was developed for and continues to be made exclusively by this methodology.

Cheers to That

This gin recipe has received numerous awards for taste and technique over the years.

Well Received

“…with sweet juniper berry, candied citrus peel, and pine resin. On the palate, things begin on the sweeter side with cinnamon candies and red licorice before turning to drier notes of pine needles and whole spices. Well-balanced and quite enjoyable.”

—Drew Beard, DrinkHacker.com

A Gin As Unique as You